When I visited Thailand for my wedding begin january 2013, I have discovered an amazing Thai graphic designer/illustrator who goes by the name Mamafaka. He is the creator of Mr. HellYeah the hairy one-eyed monster. I really liked the whole thing he was doing with his drawing skills. He was into stuff like, clothing, toys, illustrations, furniture, murals and exhibitions. In a very short time managed to get himself clients like Vans, Converse, Vespa and Ripcurl just to name a few. Back in june I have contacted him for a project in 2014 and we have a nice conversation. He also won a slew of awards and is considered the leader of a new generation of Thai artist. Since then I have followed him on serveral social media platforms. I always had enjoyed his post and yes he is a regular poster. Until the last couple of months it became very quiet. Today I have learned that Mamafaka has passed away (age 34) in september 2013 in a swimming accident in Phuket. Maybe I am late, but all my love and support goes to his family and friends. Rest in power, you will be missed Mamafaka.

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